Sydney, Australia

Bored of straight house beats, D-Funk started experimenting with breakbeats, old school hip-hop and disco when he first broke into the house scene. Now after 15 years of DJing and producing, his prolific sound has put him on the map, busting his chilled funk and bass (and whatever else connects the beats) around the world. This mix has all the right notes to cool you down from the summer heat, and magnetic mash-ups to get your feet moving.



D-Funk album art


Jill Scott - 'It's Love'
Ice Cube - 'It Was A Good Day'
Bassment Freaks - 'Booty Shaking'
Djtzinas - 'This Is Jam Hot'
Supa John - 'This Is Sensi Jam'
Bill Withers - 'Lovely Day (7" Mix)'
Sola Rosa - 'Del Ray'
Eat More Cake feat Emily May - 'Teardrops'
Sambrosa Soul  - 'Sambrosa Salsa'
Osibisa - 'Sunshine Day'
Black Gold Of The Sun (Jazzanova Mix)'

What elements make up D-Funk?
My arms, legs & head! Actually that's not far from the truth. D-Funk is just me. I'm a 1 person outfit. My Mum calls me Doug, but Douglas when I'm naughty.

Where do you find inspiration?
Usually it strikes at the most random times like on a train listening to the click-clack of the tracks & thinking that's a cool rhythm, or in the middle of the night I get a cool riff pop into my head. It's all around you, all the time. One place I never fail to be inspired is by my musical peers. I go & see a friend perform that I've not seen for a while & come back thinking 'wow, I've got to up my game'. I listen to & play many different styles of music so I'm constantly taking all elements from each genre & thinking 'how can I apply that to my music?'

What’s your ultimate track to hear poolside?
It totally depends on what time of the day it is. For the more chilled times 'Little Fluffy Clouds' by The Orb. For the livening up session 'Sunshine Day' by Osibisa (which is actually on the mix), It's just a awesomely happy tune that's been the soundtrack to many a summers day. Then for the pool party something on more of a housey vibe. Oh & for the perfect sunset tune 'The Man With The Red Face (Svek Mix) by Laurent Gariner is hard to beat. Gives me goosebumps every time. It's too hard to pick just one! 

What’s the last sentence of your memoir?
I'd just like to tweak this track 1 last time, then it will be finished!

What sounds remind you of summer?
I've been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in Ibiza over the years so when I think of summer a big part of me automatically thinks of hazy days & nights in Pacha or on the legendary Space Terrace. If you've never been to the White Isle you've really got to take a trip there. It's a beautiful part of the world with some of the best food & wine anywhere you'll come across. Then there's the music. Some of the world's best club & parties featuring the biggest & more diverse line ups you will find anywhere. 

If you were stuck on a deserted island with one record, what would it be?Just one? That's not fair! Can I cut my own vinyl? (and it would have to be a vinyl) It would include 'Strings Of Life' by Derrick May/Rhuthm Is Rhythm, 'Bug Powder Dust' by Bomb Da Bass, 'Move On Up' by Curtis Mayfield & 'Express Yourself' by N.W.A. Now that's a record! But if it had to be an album, I think 'Leftism' by Leftfield. Such a ground breaking album that features some many genres. When it first came out I was quite young & I listened to it over & over with my mind being blown on every listen.